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Scientists regrow ear hairs using drugs

American scientists report cure progress

Friday 25 January
Scientists regrow ear hairs using drugs

- January 25 at 09:30

It has previously been reported that  a stem cell treatment that was tested on gerbils, and could be used to make deaf people hear again.

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This time, scientists have been working on deaf mice, and the results have made headlines around the world.

The scientists, based in America, have developed a revolutionary new drug that could eventually be used to regrow the hairs in the human ear.

In the research, the scientists made the hair cells in the ears of adult mice grow back, allowing them to recover some of their hearing.

The amount of sound the mice heard was less than a cochlear implant, but the scientists were pleased because the research showed that improvement in hearing was possible, and that their treatment could one day be used to help people to hear without the need for surgery.

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